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Advantages and disadvantages of biofuel

The advantages and disadvantages of biofuel:


– Biofuels reduce greenhouse gas emissions

– Biofuels are a lot less expensive than gas

– Biofuels are easily produced by trees, woodland, waste, manure etc.

–¬†Biofuels can be produced locally, which decreases the nation’s dependence on foreign energy

– When biofuels are burned, they produce significantly less carbon output and fewer toxins, making them a safer alternative to preserve atmospheric quality and lower air pollution.


– To refine biofuels to more efficient energy outputs, and to build the necessary manufacturing plants to increase biofuel quantities, a high initial investment is often required.


Source – Green Living



RHI Biomass Boilers

Under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) you can get paid for generating heat from a biomass boiler.

Here are a few reasons to switch to BIOMASS:

  • Cut your fuel bills,
  • Save money by not having to pay for Gas, Petrol, Electric etc.
  • Make money through the RHI
  • Help the environment

It’s like a second income coming in for doing nothing!

To see the rates for DOMESTIC click here

To see the rates for COMMERCIAL click here


Why go biomass?

You can get paid thousands of pounds a year for generating heat through biomass. Tariff levels have been set at 12.2p/kWH for biomass boilers.

You’re also saving the environment, helping local businesses and cutting your fuel bills. The question should be – Why would you NOT go biomass?

For more information see www.bioenergy.org